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ANEL Electrical Engineering and Contracting Co. Lt

Country: Turkey
City / State : Istanbul

Desc: Electrical contractor. In Turkish and English.

- Architects-int Architectural practice with offices in Vienna, Austria and Istanbul, Turkey. Specialized on earthquake-proof solutions.
- Naturel Industrial Products Ltd. Co. An engineering company located in Ankara-Turkey which utilizes and applies innovative construction materials like acoustic metal or PVC ceiling-wall panels, air supported structures and interior construction works.
- East Magic Company Decoration specialists, also offering to design and manufacture special objects. Includes a gallery, information about the founder and activities. Istanbul, Turkey.
- Mar Mimarlik Ltd. Offers firm profile and information on projects. Based in Istanbul. Site available in English and Turkish.Mar Mimarlik Ltd Now permanent staff includes architects, interior designer, city planner, and various consultants and in collaboration with engineering and service design offices we have establ...
- DEC Electromechanical Engineering An electrical contracting company active through Turkey and in the CIS countries.DEC operates in carefully selected markets outside Turkey, applying a distinctive, project-led approach, once again with an emphasis on creating value. Often, these international projects involve the closest co-operatio...